We have all heard the “Fuck everything and RUN” or the “False Events Appearing Real” for the word FEAR.  What is your first impulse to migrate to when you are in FEAR MODE?  And what are your triggers for FEAR?

I am having my old pattern behavior toward this, which happens to be the first.  I know that it is my old stinky thinking, and yet there is a WARNING light that flashes in my head ad says “Self, perhaps you should listen to this”.  I am BIG on intuition.  But, this feels more like just real FEAR.  I am going to focus on prayer and meditation about it, because I know when doing so, if my answers are Pure and HONEST, i can use that.  Rationalizations on the other hand are just signs that my EGO is in self protect mode, and why get deeper into anything.  Get out NOW.  Stay tuned, or feel free to post any comments on how you deal with FEAR IN YOUR LIFE.

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