Quiet Time

I attended a meditation workshop led by Father Bill W.  He built this workshop based more on his experience and studies of The Oxford Group than the founders of AA and the twelve steps.  I learned many things I did not know.  One being that back in the Oxford Group days, they said without prayer and meditation one could not stay sober.  Over the years the change in meaning was more implied that without meetings, one could not stay sober.  The results prove otherwise.

We were walked through an exciting concept to incorporate into our lives regarding our meditation practice.  One that requires a little more commitment, a little more time, but seems to yield some amazing insight.  To hold a sacred spot for this time, to center with my breath, to read a scripture or other reading material that I find inspiring.  And, then to WRITE to my higher power (I choose to call GOD) a question, a worry, a concern, guidance.  And to sit and listen for HIS VOICE to answer.  How will I know if it is HIS voice or my own?  If it is pure, honest, loving, and authentic.  I will have an answer.  What if i don’t know?  Write what my mind says to write.  To commit.  To DO.  30 days.  And to have a buddy or a small group that I share my writings and answers with.  Personal Risk Taking at its best.  What a gift to receive information like this.  Another tool I can use to center, to stay balanced, to work my program, to be a better person, to fulfill my goal of being of service to others.  Just for Today.

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