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The difference …

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. ~Jimmy Johnson

Some days are so much easier to have that “extra”.  I seem to be stuck in the ordinary category for now, and so am trying to accept that I am supposed to just “be in that in-between” time.  Let Go.

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02/27/2013 · 2:12 AM

Book Nook Blog

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Book Name- The First Rule of Ten  Authors-Hendricks & Lindsay

When I perused the options of so many books Hay House offers, it was difficult to choose.  Many I have read already, others are on my TO READ list.  But then, I saw Gay Hendricks name.  I am a huge fan.  His book, The Big Leap  was the type that literally changes life.  I think by writing his first nonfiction, he took his BIG LEAP.

The book is a mystery novel of fiction, but so much more.  Our main character, Tenzing Norbu (Ten for Short) is an ex Buddhist, who then becomes a LAPD, but by listening to his inner self leaves the force to pursue a dream.  His First Rule is “Don’t Ignore Intitive Tickles Lest They Reappear As Sledgehammers”. 

The mystery plot read fast, captured my attention from page 1, it had enough twists and turns that it was a page turner.  I loved the writing style, the plot, the multiple character development and best of all the spiritual nature of his Buddhist upbringing and how so complete in his words, I felt I had just taken my own meditation time.  A great mystery book, but undeniably great spiritual messages that are trademarks of Hendricks.  This is a picture of my cat as I was in the bath tub and had just finished the book! Image

I can’t wait to read The Second Rule of Ten.  I think Tinker Lindsay is a great influence on Gay Hendricks leap into non fiction work. 

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Lost Joy, but seeking…

through meditation recently, it was revealed to me what this depression phase has ultimately been about.  I lost my joy.  It was slow, and not always noticeable.  I am mindful, I stay my gratitudes in life daily.  But, something has been missing.  I came across an affirmation I wrote to myself back in the 90’s after some very painful events.  It said ” I have found that my life works best when I put fun and have joy in my life. I will keep joy a priority.  

I guess 15 years for the most part, even through harder times I kept it. And then lately, it was released unknowingly.  But, now I am aware.  I will find it again.  I know some of the feelings I associate with joy in my life are: creativity, daring, playful, fascinated, teachable, sexy, laughter, extravagant, amused, aware, energetic, excited, growth, discovery.

i am excited to have the revelation, and to regain what I know helps my life stay in balance.

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1 A.M

Not an unusual time for me to still be up, awake, not quite sure what to do,but plenty to do.  I just finished a book that will be my first blog to write for Hay House, and I am excited!  My best friend visited tonight for dinner, and spent a good hour discussing options for my depressed and “non functioning” (her words) who is a sophomore at college 1,000 miles away basically.  I hate these types of nights of helpless feelings, and to make it worse knowing I ignored my instinct to drive up there this weekend. 

I ponder on the paradoxes of life brought through on some reading.  I find myself trying to re-ponder the word success at various times in my life.  Times i feel rich (not monetarily, as I do not consider that success in of itself).  But, how my thoughts emerge seemingly out of nowhere, and poof they are gone.  It happens thousands of times a day, and to know this feeling is a sense of richness.  Some Buddhists say that each thought is an exact replica of life and to open freely and fully to the flow of those thoughts is to open fully to life itself.  And yet, opposite view of that is by meditating we are quieting the flow of thoughts, enabling us to experience a still point (I believe this), but it is in this still point, where true wealth of richness lies.  Quite the paradox. 

Today would have also been my mother’s birthday.  She would have been 80, and yet she has been gone from this earth for 12 years.  I miss her daily still.  I hold pictures in memory and photograph, and laugh.  That is pretty rich indeed.


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Books can be da…

Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.” ~Helen Exley

I read this and reflect on how true this is.  Particularly in the “self help”, “motivation,”and “life improvement”categories.  i fully read with the utmost interest, and aha moments with the fullest intent of embarking on change, or implementing this fabulous new idea.  Only to find, I sit the book down when done, and only on rare occasion do i follow through on my self promise. 

This is  a shame, for there are some fabulous ways to make subtle changes.  I have had the most long term and lasting changes with the Big Book of AA.  However, i have ventured into things newer than just recovery, that offer a multitude of ideas that are great.  Am i just undisciplined, or is this something that you do as well?  comments welcome! 

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02/12/2013 · 10:17 PM

Daily Thought

May I remind you that nothing can occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thoughts. You have invited it in.

Let’s create the “best thoughts” guest list for our future together, ok?

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English: The lonely Poppy Near the entrance to...

English: The lonely Poppy Near the entrance to Home Farm adjacent to Broad Balk Lane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


–Betty MacDonald. ” when I am lonely, I think of Angels”

We need comfort when we feel lonely. Loneliness is often coupled with fear. We wonder, Can I handle what faces me today? Often we think we can’t. But we don’t ever have to face any situation alone, or handle any painful relationship in isolation. The “angels” who guide and protect us are as close as our thoughts.

Twelve Step programs give us the freedom to define our Higher Power in any way that suits us. Believing our Higher Power is an angel satisfies our need to have someone watching over us, protecting us wherever we are, loving us despite our failings.

We are nurtured or harmed by the thoughts we carry in our minds. Imagining an angel or a ring of angels to walk us through each day relieves our loneliness and dissipates our fears.

I have a friend in my Higher Power. We’ll be together throughout this day.

how this applies to me today, I have been feeling lonely, isolated, unglued.  This reminded me I am not any of these things unless I choose to.  I may be feeling this way, but I choose to not let it define me.  Perhaps I am simply in a state of ” in between”.  This place is always uncomfortable for me.  It is out of my comfort zone.  But, as I read this, I am enlightened once again my the power of my choice.


02/05/2013 · 9:54 AM

Dream Quote 2


Horses (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.  It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy.  ~Edward P. Morgan




Dreams are a big part of my life.  In large part, because I do not sleep much due to a condition called musical hallucinations.  So, it creates an abundance of stress, and actions on my part to distract myself as much as possible so the music in my brain does not totally drive me crazy…or crazier.  So, when i AM able to sleep and to dream, it is wonderful.  I have always loved dream interpretation  and lucid dreams,, and writing down my dreams.  Many, Many times, my dreams are a premonition of something soon to happen.  I have visitors when I dream at times, and have learned to welcome the knowledge I gain through dreams.   I love the exhilaration of power when we believe in ourselves enough to know we can make our dreams come true.  I believed enough that “one day” i would own a Horse.  Everyone was “yeah, they are too expensive, too much upkeep, blah, blah blah”,For far too many years, I gave up on my dream and listened to others fears.  Until one day I chose to listen to my dream.   Last year, i attended a habitat for horses and adopted my first horse ever.  I was 48.  I spent 4-5 days easily out at the stable for 4++ hours at a time.  I was in pure selfish heaven.  I saved this horse, learned about her, and built our trust.  She has been a treasure in my life, but has turned out to be a reason or a season dream.  I must relinquish her in part to some health issues.  It has been devastating.  But the blessing was the time I had her, our lessons we learned together on the trail, and to carry out a dream.  Happy trails.


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Weekly Writing Challenge

There is nothing the same as reading a book for the very first time and holding it in your hands.  To turn the page back once again to see the table of contents.  To begin with the fresh smell of a new book. 

Reading via nook, i pad, etc are great and convenient.  It is new technology and I am sure will unfortunately be the way the tide turns over the next couple of generations.  I love my I PAD.  I am deaf, so i can download the audio cassettes and plug my cochlear into a special cable.  While i travel often, this is a convenience that i appreciate.

However, nothing will take the place of curling up in my favorite chair, and being able to focus so intently on a good book, that you lose all concept of time and where you even are.  You are mindful and of one when doing this.  An E reader, still serves as a convenience, but still has the distraction factor.  Whether it be that “let me check my email”, or the sun glare, or just the eyes getting blurry!

I vote 100% the old fashion way! Give me that good book anytime!

Ending Quote: A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.  It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy.  ~Edward P. Morgan




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Dream Quote…

Dream Quote

Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives- William Dement

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02/03/2013 · 11:35 PM