Lost Joy, but seeking…

through meditation recently, it was revealed to me what this depression phase has ultimately been about.  I lost my joy.  It was slow, and not always noticeable.  I am mindful, I stay my gratitudes in life daily.  But, something has been missing.  I came across an affirmation I wrote to myself back in the 90’s after some very painful events.  It said ” I have found that my life works best when I put fun and have joy in my life. I will keep joy a priority.  

I guess 15 years for the most part, even through harder times I kept it. And then lately, it was released unknowingly.  But, now I am aware.  I will find it again.  I know some of the feelings I associate with joy in my life are: creativity, daring, playful, fascinated, teachable, sexy, laughter, extravagant, amused, aware, energetic, excited, growth, discovery.

i am excited to have the revelation, and to regain what I know helps my life stay in balance.

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