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3 A.M

I found my joy again.  A simple meditation, asking GOD to reveal to me why I was stuck, taking two steps forward, 3 steps back, STUCK.  Sure, i have had reasonable excuses…health issues, overcoming obstacles that felt like cement bridges.  But, at the end of the day, when I listened for that answer the voice whispered “you have lost your joy”.  I knew it to be true.  So, i went to work.  I identified the words for me that I associate with JOY.  They are words, and as simple as they seem, I certainly had lost them.  Gave up.  Allowed depression to be a crutch.  Allowed health issues to be an obstacle.  What wasted time!  So, for the past 5++ weeks now I have refocused.  I have turned my attention to JOY.  Finding JOY, listening for JOY, Seeking JOY, determined not to lose it again, or allow it to be slowly sucked from my being.  It takes mindfulness still.  But if I continue to seek energy, creativity, awareness, being playful, enjoying or cultivate laughter, nurturing friendships, dare to be daring, feeling or being amused, or fascinated, being outdoors, working in the yard, pulling weeds,  or being sexy…..All things that bring me joy. 

And, i have put this to the test.  I have been able to endure more aggravation, or problems of others, and still remain joyful. 

I am grateful for the whisper to my answer.  Perhaps you would like to comment if this helps you or if you have had a similar experience?  Comments welcome! 


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The Better Man Project ™


One of the most difficult things in the world is determining your own path. All the questions have to be asked…but the main question is “What do I want for my life?” Once you can answer that question, you have the ability to go out and try to achieve that dream. For me, for a couple years now, my purpose has been to inspire people to live powerful and impassioned lives. That has been one of the most fulfilling purposes I have ever had. And this brings me back to that main question…what do I really want for my life?

As I sit here on the beach for my little vacation, I think about the past 6 months and while there were some stressful times, I smile because I know that I fulfilled my purpose to the max and even overflowed that bucket. I think about my plans for the…

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2 A.M

The hours are slipping now into early morning. It was the type of day, where everything I expected of the day and of myself was completely different. I drug myself out of bed for a 9a.m Dr appt.  I was 15 minutes late. I came straight home, and talked my dogs into a nap. Next thing I knew it was noon.  Knowing I had a 2:00 appt, I planned to get desk work done.  Instead, I got laundry done, vacuumed, dusted, and left for my 2:00 dr. Appt at…2:00.  Once again, out of integrity by being late.  

But, upon my return home, and a short walk with the dogs, I felt renewed. I stopped to visit a neighbor, whose husband is dying. She went into the house and brought me a copy of the full Serenity Prayer. She asked if I was familiar with it. I assured her, I lived by the poem, and thanked her. We ended up laughing about ways we were going to get the cars that drive on our street to slow down from 50++ mph to the posted 30. My plan is to throw apples at their car, hers is to ask the police station to give her a radar gun.

Funny how laughter can completely change the day. Along with a nice dose of 74 degree weather and full sun. It’s been way too long like a day such as this

My gratitude is great today. I know that when I choose to “stretch” beyond what has been comfortable or familiar, I may encounter internal barriers; barriers that keep me connected to what is familiar and common. It is during these moments when I can do my part only, surrender these difficulty and ask for Divine intervention. It is such great comfort for me to know that I am not alone in my spiritual journeying. 

There are human and divine resources abundantly available to me. Nature will also support and empower my sojourn into the realms of service and contribution.

Today I have the courage to utilize these resources. Blessings on your day upon waking. I hope to get up by 8:30. Time will tell!


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This guy is awesome!

The Better Man Project ™


Every time I fail – I get stronger

Every time I lose – My desire grows

Every time I feel pain – I work harder

Every time I slack – I pull the rope tighter

Every time something bad happens – I look for a lesson

Im going to be so good they can’t ignore me

For every unreturned call

Every ignored text

For every time you forget about me

For all those times you don’t see how bad it hurts

Those pieces of my heart I put out there – only to see them unappreciated and thrashed

For all those times…I use the pain…as my motivation

To be so good

You wont be able to



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Weekly Photo Chalenge Daily Post



SKY VIEW front porch Sugarland, TX

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Quote…gotta love it.

Actually, it is on a dish towel I bought in New Orleans this past trip.

” Here in the South, we don’t HIDE CRAZY. We parade it around on the porch and give it a cocktail.  And second, (which happens to be my life philosophy) life’s journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, “Holy Cow, ” what a ride!”


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Book Nook Blog

Book Nook Blog.

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Daily press

Daily press

Lost in details, lost in thought, lost in self? Or, mindful, practicing self care, taking a quiet moment of reflection and gratitude.

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