3 A.M

I found my joy again.  A simple meditation, asking GOD to reveal to me why I was stuck, taking two steps forward, 3 steps back, STUCK.  Sure, i have had reasonable excuses…health issues, overcoming obstacles that felt like cement bridges.  But, at the end of the day, when I listened for that answer the voice whispered “you have lost your joy”.  I knew it to be true.  So, i went to work.  I identified the words for me that I associate with JOY.  They are words, and as simple as they seem, I certainly had lost them.  Gave up.  Allowed depression to be a crutch.  Allowed health issues to be an obstacle.  What wasted time!  So, for the past 5++ weeks now I have refocused.  I have turned my attention to JOY.  Finding JOY, listening for JOY, Seeking JOY, determined not to lose it again, or allow it to be slowly sucked from my being.  It takes mindfulness still.  But if I continue to seek energy, creativity, awareness, being playful, enjoying or cultivate laughter, nurturing friendships, dare to be daring, feeling or being amused, or fascinated, being outdoors, working in the yard, pulling weeds,  or being sexy…..All things that bring me joy. 

And, i have put this to the test.  I have been able to endure more aggravation, or problems of others, and still remain joyful. 

I am grateful for the whisper to my answer.  Perhaps you would like to comment if this helps you or if you have had a similar experience?  Comments welcome! 


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