Closed Caption Glasses at THE THEATRE

As my blog duly notes, I am deaf.  I am a bi lateral cochlear recipient.  This month, is my 2 year activation date.  It has been a rewarding struggle.  Going to the movies, has basically been non existent for at least 8 years.  I tried to go, but lip reading through a whole movie is simply exhausting!  About 2 months ago, a friend and I went to AMC.  They did not have the glasses, but they had the caption fish gadget that sits in the beverage holder, and streams out the caption.  The movie sucked, but the caption gadget was GREAT.  I was just so excited to actually GO TO THE MOVIES!

On New Years Eve, my husband and best friend attended a cinema in New Orleans.  They touted having the Caption Glasses!  Game ON.   We saw a FANTASTIC movie (Wolf on Wall Street).  They had the GLASSES.  I thought, WOW this is going to be AWESOME.  I was WRONG.  The glasses stream out a neon GREEN caption (instead of white).  Depending on how you have your head, the caption could stream across the screen, and blend in with the scenery, or I guess if you hold your head perfectly (which i achieved at sporadic moments) it projects above the actual movie screen.  I had a HEADACHE from trying to hold my head the correct way, the weight of the glasses, the NEON GREEN (SERIOUSLY?), and straining to see the screen without my distance glasses.  There is no comfortable way ( I could be wrong) to wear these, have them sit approximately the same place as the cochlear ear piece sits, AND wear prescription glasses to see.

I don’t get it.  WHO TESTED these glasses out for deaf people before selling them to theaters?  Is it like so many other “inventions”, those that use them aren’t consulted?  I seriously don’t get it.  I am sure these glasses are EXPENSIVE.  Give me the AMC system any day over the glasses.

ALL THAT said, KUDOS to finally getting a devise in place that the deaf community can at least go to the movies!  PRAISES be to the multitude of companies that have decided to help a large number of consumers, that although deaf do have money to spend,  AND are willing to spend if we can “hear” the damn movie!

I do hope GOOGLE GLASS, can learn form SONY’S design flaws, and perhaps actually use deaf persons in testing them, for accurate and honest feedback.  One could only hope this to be a logical outcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 2014 New Years Eve-design flaws and all.  The movie was spectacular.  I could have done without the neon green glare of caption.  BUT…I saw and “heard” a movie for the most part!


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3 responses to “Closed Caption Glasses at THE THEATRE

  1. Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

    That’s funny. I actually wrote about using those closed caption glasses one time. Just recently, I also saw The Wolf of Wall Street as well~ and at one point of the movie, the captions stopped working!!! Ohhhh! My kind husband went to get me another one~ but in the meantime, we both missed out on parts! They were kind enough to give us two free tickets. Oh well. YOu’re right, I never thought about that~ “Does anyone test theses things out beforehand?”….

    • Thanks for your visit! The movie was hilarious and disturbing. there were times my husband was laughing so hard, but i would have to nudge him and say ” honey, seriously this is not a funny part, but a tragic part”. He never did drugs, so it was all hilarious to him! I saw that you have MS? How many years? I have MS symptoms, and have for 9 years, but because of my cochlear implants, they can not do a MRI, and my LP comes back negative. But, my bladder and my eyes, and numb body parts indicate otherwise. Right now 50% of my toes on my right foot are numb. I hope you are currently in remission and enjoying life fully!

  2. Amy Pogrebin Bremenstuhl

    That’s quite funny about your husband. I’m a little confused~ I don’t have MS~ where did you read that? However, I’ll support you in every which way I can 🙂

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