Control vs Controlling

Today, I will submit to the insecurity and have faith that I can live through the process and grow.

I can choose to do that; it is within my control.

My daughter ( a Sr. in college), is traveling on the East coast.  She was supposed to fly back to her college hometown tomorrow, but texted me that a friend was able to drive her instead.  Would I be mad?  I actually prefer her driving because she was going to have to fly to Chicago for a layover.  Well, she has anxiety attacks, and the thought of her getting stuck in an airport for 8 hours or more, well…would end up with me having anxiety over her situation.  I can’t control her decision, and thankfully I am aware of this.  Luckily, this time we have the same conclusion.  But, what if we didn’t?

Controlling kicks in.  I tell her what I want; she disagrees.  I try manipulation, scare-tactics, common sense, and anything else that would yield the result I want to SEE.  THAT is controlling.

I realize ultimately, GOD is in control over everything.  I have the illusion that in my every day life, the choices I make give me control.  If I look too far forward, or focus too much on the past, it takes me out of this VERY and ONLY present moment.  I am grateful to be aware of the illusion of control.  Just for TODAY.

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  1. My son, 22, in college, the baby of the family – He so doesn’t want me to control anything except to make sure he has a balance in his checking account! LOL!

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