The Cat Is BACK

This cat is special.  Seriously.  I think I can convince  you why this (TRUE)  story is interesting enough to read

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It started in May 2011.  My sister (age 53) had just died.  Cause:  effects of a lifetime of drugs.  I was not handling the stress too well, and had begun smoking Clove cigarettes ( an important part of life then).  I began noticing through the corner of my eye, that this cat seemed to join me on my back deck during my insomnia hours.  After several months, I began asking the neighbors if they knew who he belonged to.  No one claimed him.  I finally began feeding him inside, and it stuck.  But, he was definitely by nature an outdoor cat.  I told myself the following story about this cat:  One of the last conversations my sister and I had  the day before she died, was something along the lines of:  Me:  so, if you think you can come back somehow, someway to let me know you are around, what do you suppose it might be?  Sister:  Well, it can’t be a fly (we suspect Doris does this), and it can’t be a frog (she used the F.R.O.G -fully relying on GOD- acronym since she was a 12 stepper), and it couldn’t be a lizard.  All we had accomplished were what it wouldn’t be.  She was getting tired, and finally looked at me in a strange way and said ” you know what, YOU will know.

Well, I came to realize that this cat must be IT, or HER.  or whatever.  I am allergic to cats.  But not this one.   One evening,  he tempted me to pet him, and so I was doing this with my foot only.  It HIT ME.  And, i said, “Norma”?  And this cat looked at me with ever so interesting green eyes.  I was hooked.  After numerous battles with hubby over feeding the cat outdoors (his hard stance) and allowing the cat in to join our two dog, one horse family, (my hard stance); I won!  Surprise?  Don’t be!  Hubby has a big bark, but I could tell this cat was already wrapping himself into the intricacy of our family.  Daughter was about to leave for college, so adoption was a perfect replacement!

The cat lived with us for over 3 years.  In July of 2014, hubby and I were going to cross each other on travel plans.  The cat would be home one night by himself.  No worries.  Until, I got home, and the cat wasn’t inside.  I noticed his dish on the deck outside, and I was instantly gripped in fear.  Husband said, the cat ran outside  just as he was loading the car to head to airport, so he didn’t have time to chase him down.  It would be FINE, the cat would be back.  So, I waited.  And, I waited.  by the third day, I had posters out, I was walking the streets late at night, going door to door.  He had VANISHED.  No one had seen him.  I sunk hard.  I went into a depression that stayed for months.  I hadn’t even realized how much this cat meant to me, until he vanished.  I called a pet psychic, and she confirmed my fears:  He had been chased by a probable coyote, and was injured, and probably dead.  I had to digest this and move on.  It was hard, and painful, and the grief stuck around.  Even when I was really ready for it to be gone, the depression was still there.

Fast forward five months.  I am walking about a mile away from home with the two dogs.  I stop half way down this one street.  A strange feeling hit me; and I didn’t know what or why, but I turned around, walked back the way I came, and continued down to the street one block over.  As I turned the corner, I saw a white cat in a driveway, but kept walking.  But, i also kept looking.  I finally had a wave of disbelief, was that?  Could that be?  MR KITTY CLARK?  I walked quickly over, and he approached me hesitantly.  Sniffed the dogs, and walked off.  I was shaking, and in shock, and I followed.  Never noticing I was now in someone’s yard.  But, the cat was behind shrubbery.  This called for hubby help.  I ran back home, and in between sobs of happiness, disbelief, and worry that I was falling off the mental health wagon, relayed my story to hubby.  Classified it as  PRIORITY ONE in LIFE, and drove him back to the scene of discovery.  Armed with a bag of treats and his brush, I began calling for him.  He was skinny now, and obviously the treat trick worked.  Hubby confirmed, it was HIM.  He wouldn’t come to me in order to grab him, so we told the neighbors my ” this is my cat” story, and they suspiciously looked at the picture and missing cat flyer, shook their heads and said “whatever”.  So, we hatched the plan I would come back the next morning.  These kind people said the cat had been hanging out there since they moved in in AUGUST.  HE HAD BEEN AROUND there the entire time.  They said he was bleeding when he first came around.  I cried, and laughed , and wept, the whole night.  The next morning, I went back by myself.  The friendly neighbor wasn’t quite as friendly when I startled her by being on her porch (totally my bad).  BUT THIS WAS MY CAT.  In tears, and shaking the cat food, Mr Kitty Clark cautiously approached.  I grabbed him, got him in the car, drove home, and made my husband PROMISE he would NOT let the cat out again for awhile, at least NOT until i was comfortable he remembered us.  Well, it’s been 4 weeks almost; and he is still happy, gaining weight, and I am letting him out.  I can’t take away his outside freedom.  I called him traitor the first week or so he was back.  But, the cat (Norma) is back.  I think it was a total GOD thing.

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