The Awe of Recovery

Oscar Wilde once wrote that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” My experience over the past 14 years in working with recovery , being in recovery, relapsing in recovery,  proves to me that there’s some truth to his observation – life is often stranger, just as interesting, just as surprising, and just as exciting as fiction.  I checked out a fellow Blog yesterday (part of BLOG 101 homework); and left a comment.  And, as @MichelleW indicated, it did make me think more.  Here is the link http:\\

@Jillian Bauer is on a photography project of taking beautiful people that are addicts, and doing a photo shoot.  It is often very easy to make assumptions about addiction, and the life an addict leads.  Somehow we can make exceptions for the functioning alcoholics or addicts, but look down our noses at the many people in recovery trying to get their life back, working the twelve steps of recovery, and trying to make amends in their lives.  It isn’t easy for them, nor is it easy if you have personally been effected by the devastation and possible ruins of loving an addict.  The lies, the cheating, the broken promises, witnessing year after year of them still trying and still falling back into the hole.

Depression most often accompanies the addiction, and if you slap on a dual diagnosis and you are the spectator or enabler in their life, you yourself are often ready for a meltdown.  It is exhausting.  FOR everyone.  And, guess what?  The addict or alcoholic isn’t doing this on purpose to humiliate YOU, get even with YOU, or intentionally setting off to destroy YOU.  What is that saying?  It isn’t about YOU.  Their addiction will get so far out of control that those vengeful thoughts are buried so deep in humiliation, shame, guilt, and grief.  They LIVE a life of hell.  And, perhaps it is easy for us to think it is all their own doing. They did choose to start using/smoking/drinking/over-eating/gambling and any other addiction that causes life to become unmanageable.  Many people have obstacles in their life that is creating powerlessness and causing their lives to become unmanageable.  Loving the wrong person.  Drinking too much.  Eating too much.  Doing dope too much.  Gambling too much.  Shopping too much.  Just to name a few.

I am not an advocate of doling out money to the street peddler.  But, I am an advocate of recovery.  Healthy Recovery.  This most often begins with improving self esteem and for the addict to reap the rewards of esteem able acts.  But, in all honesty, can’t we all benefit from doing esteem able acts?  Living honestly, being kind, extending a random act of kindness, Living One Day At A Time?


The Elevator is Broken, Please Use the Steps

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